Take a Moment to Ask Yourself...

Are you fearful you will be judged, rejected by your peers if you express your feelings openly and honestly?
Are you pretending that everything is ok in your life when you're around your family, friends and business associates?
When you’re alone, are your thoughts turbulent about what you don’t have and what you may lose?
Do you obsess why people don’t like you or appreciate your hard work?
Do you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied with your career and wondering what your meaning and purpose is in life?


Are you content and realize you have a lot of life to live and want to learn more about yourself emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically?

If you Answered "YES" to any of these questions,
you're not alone and more importantly I can help.

As your life coach, my mission is to introduce you to your higher-self that you never knew existed via my Get Real, Deal & Heal course.

Also, with One-on-One coaching, I can help you solve your own problems or make major decisions about your life using active listening skills and asking specific questions until you have your "Aha Moment".

What most people don't realize is that all the answers you are seeking are within you and my job is to help guide you to them!

Are you Feeling Compelled to Make a Change But Don't Have the Time?

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Ways We Can Heal

As your life mentor, I will help you unlock your true potential through a variety of unique tools and resources. Regardless, if you’re dissatisfied with your current situation or realizing you have more to learn about life, my program is designed to help anyone find their purpose.
Joy lives in the present moment. Therefore, our blog posts that are written from Positive Psychology principles so you can educate yourself and apply what you learned to help you live a flourishing life.
YoMenGa’s Cup of Inspiration aims to give you direction in order to help you live in the moment and work through your emotions. As a result, we can reveal a stronger version of you that has been waiting to break free.