The YoMenGa misSion

YoMenGa was founded to empower men to reach their full potential emotionally, spiritually and physically. In a world ruled by outdated gender roles and people who try to dictate what it means to be a man, YoMenGa is redefining “masculinity.” We have created a space where men can break free from societal expectations, whether it’s the pressure to find success at all costs or not having a space to focus on mental health. Now you can find your power.


YoMenGa offers a unique solution just for men that has never been done before.

unique solutions

Our services allow men to nourish both their physical and mental selves so they can live their most authentic lives.

We offer many beneficial services, digital and offline, such as yoga, HIIT, massage, chiropractic, therapy, life coaching and so much more.


Meet Our Team

  • Danny Stillman

    Daniel Stillman

    Founder & CEO

    Daniel is a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, positive psychology practitioner and mindset & integrative health coach. His passion to help men live their best lives every day has been the catalyst for creating YoMenGa.

feel free to ask anything

If you have a question or need any kind of support related to our service, or want to know more about our products then you can contact us here.

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