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You’re feeling stiff, stressed and a little bit anxious...

You’re used to going to the gym for weight training and cardio. But something is still missing, and your typical workout routine is falling short because of that missing puzzle piece.

You are struggling with flexibility. You keep injuring yourself while lifting weights– more times than you can count. You have not been able to shed those last few extra pounds. Your energy levels are down.

But then, you walk through the doors of YoMenGa for your first yoga class…

…and when you leave, you start to feel completely rejuvenated; that missing puzzle piece has finally fallen into place.

You already feel more limber and flexible, ready to conquer your day. Your muscles begin to feel stronger and look more toned. You feel younger than you have in years, and you have that metabolism boost that you have been chasing after for months now. Perhaps best of all – you feel at peace with yourself because you were taught about mindfulness and how to breathe properly.

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Enjoy yoga on your schedule by streaming live/online classes or by downloading classes held by our expert instructors.

If you’re new or an experienced yogi, we have the classes for you! We offer fun practices to help both your body and mind build strength. Join our Vinyasa yoga classes to expand your knowledge and technical skills, or take our Yin yoga classes if you’re feeling tired and craving an energy boost.

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Poses Specifically For You

Private instructors ensure that each new pose you try is ideal for you. They teach poses to suit your needs and skill level, never rushing you to the next pose.

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Personal Adjustments

Instructors provide personal adjustments during classes that are invaluable for performing each pose correctly to strengthen and stretch your body.

Overcoming Health Concerns

When health concerns are a potential issue, private instructors can help you work around the problem, promote healing and avoid further complications.

Gaining Initial Experience

Private instructors show each pose and movement personally, allowing you to improve your form quickly. This makes your yoga practice that much easier to start.

Meet Your Instructor

Daniel Stillman

Daniel Stillman

YoMenGa Founder & CEO

Daniel is a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, positive psychology practitioner and mindset & integrative health coach. His passion to help men live their best lives every day has been the catalyst for creating YoMenGa.

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