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feeling lost

You’re feeling lost, overwhelmed and hopeless

You’ve so wrapped up in the daily grind that you feel you’ve been neglecting some deeply suppressed emotions. These feelings are beginning to deplete your quality of life. Your intimate relationships are lacking. Your career feels like it’s at a standstill. They are even affecting your athletic performance.

You’re struggling to understand your emotions and overcoming those deeply ingrained bad habits and negative behavioral patterns. You yearn to be able to clearly identify them and uncover where they take root in your life, but you have no idea where to start.

But then you experience your first therapy session at YoMenGa…

…and just like that, your mindset starts to become clearer.

When you get home, your partner notices a change too. The two of you share an increased intimacy, and you’re beginning to communicate in healthier ways, with the tactics you learned in therapy reminding you of what really matters.

You start to get back on track, and you haven’t felt this refreshed in years– maybe even a decade. You are achieving your goals, hurdling over mental and physical obstacles and showing up for your loved ones in the healthiest ways possible.

Now, you can’t wait to go back for more to see the other ways in which you can grow.

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Nurture your mental health and become the best version of yourself. We complement our packages with mental care in mind. Sessions are available both virtually and in person.

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Cognitive Based Therapy

Our CBT sessions are held to address your negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors as well as helping steer you away from depression, and anxiety.

Relationship Therapy

Our relationship therapy sessions utilize the Gottman Method Couples Therapy used to disarm verbal conflicts between partners, increase intimacy... Read More, respect and affection for a deep and healthy relationship. Read less

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Ketamine Therapy

Re-balance your mind and fend off depression with ketamine therapy. Ketamine therapy is an anesthetic treatment for adults living with major depressive disorders.

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Sports Psychology

Visit our sports psychologist to enhance your performance and achieve your goals. Sports Psychology is an interdisciplinary practice that explores the link... Read More between psychological and physical factors. Read less

Meet Your Instructor

Daniel Stillman

Daniel Stillman

YoMenGa Founder & CEO

Daniel is a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, positive psychology practitioner and mindset & integrative health coach. His passion to help men live their best lives every day has been the catalyst for creating YoMenGa.

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