Life Coaching

feeling unsure

You’re feeling unsure about your finances, unstable in your relationships and overwhelmed by your life’s problems…

It’s like everyone around you– your friends, colleagues and family members– has control of their lives, but you are falling behind.

Your investments are either draining your bank account or nonexistent. Conflicts keep arising at work and home, but you are unsure of how to solve them. You are struggling with personal and professional communication, leading to more stress piling on.

Everything feels like it’s starting to spiral out of control, just when everyone else around you seems to be thriving.

That’s when you go to YoMenGa for personalized life coaching…

…and choose to take control of your life again.

Once you leave your first life coaching session, things begin to fall back into place. You hurdle over the business obstacles that stand in the way of your success. You know how to set goals for yourself– then reach them.

You make healthy investments, and it shows in your next bank statement. The best parts of your personality shine through, making your relationships far more meaningful than before.

Most importantly...

You feel empowered once more.


Life Coaching

Unlock your full potential with the help of our life coaching services. Our coaches help you discover exactly what it is that you want out of life, and how to achieve your goals without compromise.

Manage your stress, overcome challenges and learn new ways to grow by incorporating life coaching into your daily routine. Our highly qualified coaches are on the job, ready to help guide you towards success.


Financial Investment Coaching

Our financial investment coaching assists you as you wade through complex investment processes. Your financial investment coach provides education and solutions aimed to give you clarity about the healthy investment of your finances.

Personal Life Coaching

Our personal life coaching assists you in managing your stress levels, finding your direction, and improving your daily life. Coaches work with your personality to find actionable solutions to your problems.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Our relationship coaching helps you manage your relationships in a fulfilling way. Coaches work to better your communication skills, deepen your relationships and help you navigate through any problems that may arise.

Meet Your Instructor

Daniel Stillman

Daniel Stillman

YoMenGa Founder & CEO

Daniel is a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, positive psychology practitioner and mindset & integrative health coach. His passion to help men live their best lives every day has been the catalyst for creating YoMenGa.

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