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feeling down

You’re feeling down on yourself because you haven’t been able to make time for the exercise you know you need…

You used to get excited about working out, and it used to motivate you to power through each day. Now, it just stresses you out as you try to fit it into your chaotic schedule.

You have low energy levels, and you feel like your hunger to succeed is dwindling.

So you sign up for a YoMenGa HIIT class for a full-body workout…

…and you feel the burn and build your motivation to keep coming back.

You’re feeling strong and agile again after each high-intensity workout pushes you to your limits.

Over a few months, you start to see and feel your hard work paying off in ways you haven’t seen with any other class. You look better, have more energy and feel stronger than ever.


High-Intensity Interval Training

Experience a full-body workout that builds muscle while burning fat during YoMenGa's HIIT classes. Our HIIT classes are designed to help you get in shape while only taking a short amount of time out of your busy schedule.

You'll push your heart rate up to around 80% of your HR max, bringing it back down before pushing it back up multiple times throughout the workout. Sign up for a class today to increase your speed and stamina all while building your strength and endurance.

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Body Recomposition

If you’re looking to recompose your body (build muscle and lose fat), then HIIT is going to be an excellent tool for you. It’ll strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and... Read More boost your metabolism to keep it revved up even after you leave the gym. Read less

Cardiovascular Health

Your heart isn’t exactly show-muscle, but you have to keep it strong. HIIT will work your heart hard, so your heart can work hard for you for years to come.


Time-efficient For The Busy Man

Sometimes you only have time for a quick workout. When those days come around, instead of making excuses for yourself like, “it’s not worth it to work out for only... Read More 15 minutes,” you can turn to HIIT for something time-efficient and incredibly beneficial. Read less


Give your VO2 Max a boost

HIIT will help you build muscle, lose weight and improve your heart health. It’ll also be excellent for your lungs and respiratory system, so if you’re looking to... Read More increase your VO2 max, you can be certain HIIT will help you achieve your goals and switch up your other training, even if it’s for a marathon. Read less

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