Boxing and Martial Arts

feeling lost

You’re feeling lost and powerless like you do not know where to put your energy…

You have been suppressing your natural sense of aggression, so it is manifesting itself in unhealthy ways. Your regular workout routine feels dry and uninspired. When you leave work every day, you cannot seem to leave your professional stress at the office– instead, you take it home with you.

Even with all that tension and displaced aggression, you feel like you are not doing “enough.” You worry about yourself and your family constantly– especially when it comes to their safety.

So you turn to YoMenGa’s Boxing & Martial Arts Services…

…and finally, find a healthy way to turn your aggression and tension into your biggest strength. You learn how to keep yourself, your family and your home safe with self-defense skills that really work.

You start to release that pent-up tension, relieving your body and mind of its external stress in a safe place. You are ready to live out the truest version of yourself in the most powerful and meaningful way possible.

martial arts

Boxing & Martial Arts Services

Unleash your strength and power in a safe environment all while getting an incredible full-body workout. We offer boxing for fitness and cardio, as well as technical classes that teach you the art of self-defense.

Our boxing coaches teach you how to work through drills, learn new skills, and help you understand how to push through plateaus and reach new health goals. Burn calories and challenge your body and mind during YoMenGa's exhilarating boxing classes.

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Fit for any fitness routine

Boxing and martial arts practice will get your blood pumping and sweat dripping. Bag work, foot work, sparring, grappling, and more will keep you fit and functioning well for life.

Work it out

Work it out

We all need a release. Work out all of your tension in a safe and healthy way, so that you can leave the stress behind you and head home or to the office feeling at ease.

Self Defense

Self Defense

We never advocate violence, but it’s important to know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. De-escalation or leaving an unsafe situation are the two first and best self-defense... Read More options, but if someone gives you no other choice, then you’re going to want some knowledge, skills, and practice to fall back on. Read less

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