Real Foods. Real Flavors. Really Tasty.

If it’s here, it’s healthy. At YoCafe, we focus on the foods that matter to you and your body. With a selection of organic products, cage-free eggs and nitrate-free bacon, our food is real, healthy and, most importantly, tastes great. Menu items may vary by location and time of year.

Since our goal is to make it convenient and stress-free for men to take care of themselves holistically, we’re offering you the fuel you need to get through your day or refuel after your workout.


With a busy schedule, you’ll be able to get the nutrients you need on the go.

Or, you could sit and stay for a while.
Either way, get some gourmet grub to keep your body fueled.

yocafe breakfast


Crisp Bacon & Egg Sandwich

740 cal

We top a toasted ciabatta bread with cage-free eggs and crispy, nitrate-free bacon, then finish it with Swiss cheese & red pepper mayo.

  • 29g Protein
  • 55g Carb
  • 42g Fat
  • 2g Fiber

Southwest Breakfast Burrito

720 cal

Take your burrito Southwest. We load a whole-wheat tortilla with cage-free eggs, brown rice, black beans, roasted vegetables, cheddar, pico de gallo, cilantro and green onion.

  • 33g Protein
  • 78g Carb
  • 34g Fat
  • 12g Fiber

AVO Toast

210 cal

We take our tasty multigrain toast and top it with avocado, black and white sesame seed, crushed red pepper flakes and extra-virgin olive oil.

  • 7g Protein
  • 21g Carb
  • 11g Fat
  • 5g Fiber

Frittata of the Day

Let the chef choose! Made with cage-free eggs.

Nutrition info upon request.