Get Real, Deal & Heal Course


Utilizing Transformational Mindset techniques and Positive Psychology principles, I can help address your limited beliefs, thought patterns, and the emotions they entail with my Get Real, Deal & Heal system. With a positive mindset and a behavior that follows suit, you can begin to realize all that makes life worth living. 

My online individual/group coaching program will include 8 weeks; 90 minute communication via Zoom with me, following the curriculum listed below. 

In weeks 1-3, I will teach you about the 3 negative  behavioral patterns (Self-Centered Fear, Unrealistic Expectations, Perfectionism) that 90% of the population aren't aware they're doing daily.

  • You will learn about:
    • Brain Physiology
    • Worry - The Driving Force
    • How To Use Our Past As Our Greatest Weapon
    • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
    • Real-Time Resilience
    • What is Mind-Chatter
    • What are Thinking Traps
    • Beliefs are Decisions
    • How to Develop Grit
    • Passion/Motivation
    • Relationship Expectations
    • Habit Change
    • How to set SMART goals

In weeks 4-6, I will give you the antidotes (Loving Yourself, Living In The Moment, Gratitude) to eliminate the negative beliefs so you can live a flourishing life every day.

  • You Will Learn How To:
    • Boost Your Mood and Build Lasting Happiness
    • Utilize Visualization, Questions, and Primers for Success
    • Shift Out Of Pessimism and Into Resilient Thinking and Action
    • Communicate Effectively, Develop Self-Compassion, Self-Care and Empathy
    • Be Yourself and Present Through Self-Regulation, Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Set Goals and Create Healthy Habits to Achieve your Dreams
    • How to forgive Yourself and Others
    • How to Questions Your Thoughts
    • Understand the Science of Flow and Peak Performance
    • Unpack Emotions such as Awe and Transcendence
    • Understand the Science of Optimal Physical Function (Sleep, Posture, Fascia, Nutrition, Nature and Movement on Well-being)

The 7th week will be focused on discussing the importance of the Transformational Toolkit and how you can use it for your personal growth.

  • You Will Learn About:
    • How to Create and Utilize your Gratitude List
    • The 9 Ingredients Of Love
    • 11 Healthy Habits to Improve Communication
    • Steps to Increase Your Level of Consciousness
    • Letting Go Of The Hurt
    • Nonviolent Communication Skills
    • Breathing and Meditative Techniques
    • How to Challenge Unhealthy Thoughts Real-Time

In the final week, we will go over any questions you might have about the course work. This is a great time to analyze any progress or struggles you are noticing in your emotions and behavior. Working together, we can reinforce what deliberate practice means for success.

Our time together is very valuable to me and is intended to be transformative and supportive. Upon completion of my course, you will have gained a new understanding how to deal with adversity in real-time, communicate your wants/needs effectively, feel gratitude for what you have in your life and live in the moment with optimism and grace!