Get Real, Deal & Heal Course

Online Life Coach Program

Utilizing Transformational Mindset techniques and Positive Psychology principles, I can help address your limited beliefs, thought patterns, and the emotions they entail with my Get Real, Deal & Heal system. With a positive mindset and a behavior that follows suit, you can begin to realize all that makes life worth living. 

My online life coach program will include 8 weeks of one-on-one 90 minute communication via Zoom with me, following the curriculum listed below. 

  • In the first 6 weeks, we will cover a wide range of topics designed to teach you how living a positive lifestyle can affect your future.
  • The next week will be focused on discussing the importance of the Transformational Toolkit and how you can use it for your personal growth.
  • In the final week, we will go over any questions you might have about the course work. This is a great time to analyze any progress or struggles you are noticing in your emotions and behavior. Working together, we can reinforce what deliberate practice means for success.

Our time together is very valuable to me and is intended to be transformative and supportive. Upon completion of my online life coach course, you will look forward to the next chapter with optimism for what life has to offer.

  • Week 1: Self-Centered Fear

    Understand that this fear is about control.

  • Week 2: Unrealistic Expectations

    Recognizing and moving to healthy expectations.

  • Week 3: Perfectionism

    Dealing head-on with negative self-talk.

  • Week 4: Loving Yourself

    Resting comfortably within the depths of our being.

  • Week 5: Gratitude

    Motivation To Give Thanks Year-Round.

  • Week 6: Living in the Moment


  • Week 7: Transformational ToolKit

    These simple tools have been designed to help you transform to your higher self.

  • Week 8: Review and Closure

    We discuss progress or struggles and spend more time on what you need for your personal success.