How are we all connected? Connection is experienced by the breath, kindness and physical touch. Life is so remarkably balanced!

We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. The trees breath in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us and the cycle continues.

Then there is kindness. It’s pretty clear to me that being kind to someone uplifts both people and creates a positive link between them. Spiritually, helping each other is so important for the recipient and yourself.

Lastly, when we connect physically, there is an energy that we can’t see that activates the feel good chemicals in our bodies. We feel safe and it recharges our soul to know we are not alone. Giving hugs to one another is so important for mankind.

Just think what the world would be like if we set aside a day every month and called it “Worldwide Hug a Stranger Day”?

Maybe we could then become a society that loves each other more than material things?