Dan Stillman - Yomenga Founder-bw

Meet Dan

My Mother was one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, sometimes teaching me valuable life lessons without even knowing it. I could never imagine how difficult her life must’ve been, but seeing her push through it all instilled a sense of admiration.

Born in 1945, my Mother faced a unique childhood being born gay. Coming out of the closet isn’t easy for anyone, but this was far from all she was faced with. Being on welfare as a single parent, having little help in raising her child, returning to school to receive her G.E.D., facing her demons in therapy, she hasn’t had it easy. 

To now watch her attend college and start her own accounting business has shown me her true potential and the power she holds within herself. Although she has never uttered these words to me, she has shown me that she is “Capable of So Much More.” 

It goes to show the power our actions can indirectly have on each other — without us even knowing it.

My Mother’s achievements are the main catalyst for my own mission to find a deeper meaning.

She gave me the courage to not only find out who I really am, but why I’m here exactly. We all have a gift or talent that is meant to be shared with the world and she gave me the push to figure out my purpose. 

Although it took me longer than I would’ve hoped to reach this point, I owe it all to the script and template my Mother laid out for me.

One of life’s most precious gifts is our ability to share our experiences with each other. I aim to share my experiences to help others realize they’re “Capable of So Much More.”